Pamela Anderson Was Never Interested In The ‘Dirty Money’ From Her Stolen Sex Tape

Pamela Anderson has been promoting a one-two punch of reflections upon her life. That would be Pamela: A Love Story, the Brandon Lee-produced documentary on Netflix, and Love, Pamela, her freshly available memoir. In the process, we’ve learned more about her terrible time with Kid Rock at the Borat premiere and how one of her five marriages has somehow been worse than the rest. As well, Pam has re-upped her disapproval of Hulu’s Pam & Tommy while describing the makers of that series as “a**holes” who should apologize to her.

It’s certainly easy to see why Pam feels that way. Although the show is meant as a guilty pleasure and literally functions that way (because it makes me feel guilty for enjoying it), the series almost entirely revolves around the theft of a very private intimate movie between Pam and then-husband Tommy Lee. Personal fallout abounded, but Pam’s professional reputation suffered, whereas Tommy was, you know, held out as a dude. And now Pamela is reiterating how she never profited from that movie, as IndieWire reports from a screening of the Netflix documentary:

“I don’t think anyone wanted to believe it … “Plus, we just let it go. After the depositions and all this craziness, and I was pregnant with Dylan, we didn’t wanna put any more stress on the baby. Tommy and I just said, ‘f— them, karma, whatever,’ we just left it. We really just tried to leave it in the past. So we didn’t do a press tour talking about what money we didn’t get. That was just dirty money. We didn’t want it. And we ended up OK.”

Fair enough, although one of Pam and Tommy’s sons, Brandon, admitted that he wished that his mom had pocketed something from the ordeal, and no one knows exactly how much money the sex tape grossed after Rand Gauthier stole it. Speculation abounds about it generating over $75 million, but again, Pam is doing just fine without it.

(Via IndieWire)