The ‘Party Down’ Producers Will Try To Get That Reunion Going Again

It only lasted two seasons and 20 episodes, but Party Down — the Starz comedy about hilariously unhappy Los Angeles caterers that aired between 2009 and 2010 — has had a strong second life. The cult that’s surrounded the show, which was canceled due to low ratings, has been such that there’s been talk of a revival, with the original cast, for many years, without fruition. But the show’s producers are keeping hope alive, recently saying they’re going to give that reunion another go.

As per Deadline, the full cast was on hand for the Vulture Festival in LA, getting the band back together for a panel that eventually turned to the notion of reuniting for a bit longer than an hour or so at some gathering.

“I’m thinking the next year or two we’ll explore a way to get the gang back together again,” said Dan Etheride, Party Down’s co-creator and producer. His enthusiasm was matched by Megan Mullally, who joined the cast for its second season.

“I want to do it again,” Mullally exclaimed. “Can’t we do the show again?”

Jane Lynch, who had to ditch the show after its first season thanks to a prior commitment with a little show called Glee, wound up waxing nostalgic for a show that was once too pure for this world. “It was truly a blessed time,” Lynch said. “It was truly the most fun I had doing a job.”

Party Down followed a group of low-paid, overworked employees of a catering service, many of them out-of-work actors, such as those played by Adam Scott and Lizzy Caplan. In real life, both thespians went onto bright futures; Scott became a regular on Parks and Recreation while Caplan can currently be seen playing Kathy Bates’ character from Misery on Hulu’s Castle Rock. Each episode followed them to a different function, featuring guests like Kevin Hart, J.K. Simmons, Kristen Bell, George Takei, Paul Scheer, even Rick Fox.

Here’s where we remind Party Down heads, once more, that a Party Down reunion has been in the offing for ages, practically as soon as it went off the air. It also boasts a large cast who may not be able to align their busy schedules to play people far less successful than they currently are. But, you know, hope floats, and while you’re waiting to see if Party Down: The Return actually happens, you can kill time by revisiting the one where our heroes work a celebration for a murderous Russian gangster or the one where they hang out with Steve Guttenberg.

(Via Deadline)