People Can Stop Being Upset About ABC’s ‘Uncle Buck’ Series Because It’s Been Canceled

People liked the 1989 John Candy movie Uncle Buck. Mike Epps is a reasonably funny comic actor who hasn’t done much of note lately. Most movies in this day and age get remade.

Put it all together and it was easy to see why ABC decided to reboot Uncle Buck as a sitcom with Epps in the lead. But after just eight episodes and four weeks, the TV version of Uncle Buck is no more. Variety reports that about an hour before the official announcement, the network issued a release noting that the ratings during the time slot when Uncle Buck episodes aired, Tuesdays at 9 and 9:30, were up 81 percent from the same slot a year ago. Strange.

Uncle Buck the series overcame the curse of being one of those shows that just gets episodes burned off in the summer when so many people aren’t watching TV thanks to both its narrative being “sitcom ready” and the natural and effortless charisma of Epps,” according to Pilot V in a review here at Uproxx.

But it seems that decent review — which strayed from the norm, as the show’s 32 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes would attest — and the positive ratings news wasn’t enough to save Uncle Buck, and that’s probably great news to the corner of the internet that can’t imagine Ghostbusters remade with women and cries foul when a 27-year-old John Candy movie gets a new lease on life with a black actor out front.

Wow. Splash some cold water on your face if your eyes are burning from that blazing hot take.

(via Variety)