Pete Davidson Is As Baffled As You Are Over His Success With Women: ‘I’m The Diamond In The Trash’

Full disclosure: I personally do not understand the Pete Davidson “thing.” And when other people, who do get it, have attempted to explain it to me, they’ve also had a difficult time articulating just what it is about the comedian that people find so appealing. Now Davidson himself is even claiming he doesn’t understand how or why he’s been so successful in attracting a bevy of beautiful women—though something leads me to believe that playing coy is a key part of his Kavorka-like charm.

As US Weekly reports, Davidson, who was previously engaged to Ariana Grande and is currently trying to keep up with Kim Kardashian, joked about his ladies’ man reputation during a stand-up show earlier this week as part of the Patrice O’Neal Comedy Benefit Concert in New York City. “There seems to be a curiosity about me, is what my friends tell me,” Davidson explained. “I was trying to figure out how to explain myself to someone because I was doing an interview.”

What Davidson—who, in recent years, has been spotted with actresses Kate Beckinsale, Margaret Qualley, Cazzie David, and Phoebe Dynevor as well as supermodel (and dead ringer for her mom, Cindy Crawford) Kaia Gerber—came up with is that he’s very much like one of the DVDs you might find in a movie discount bin at Best Buy. Specifically, he compared himself to Ben Stiller’s 2008 comedy Tropic Thunder, which Davidson described as a “classic… [that] doesn’t belong in the trash.” Which is just how he’d describe himself: “I’m Tropic Thunder. I’m the diamond in the trash. It’s a steal.”

While this description does nothing to further my own personal understanding of Davidson’s allure, Hollywood is clearly full of much bigger fans of Tropic Thunder.

(Via US Weekly)