Pete Davidson Talked Valentine’s Day, Britney Spears And Made Fun Of His Own Tattoos On ‘SNL’

Pete Davidson is more than comfortable making himself the butt of jokes, and that was no exception as he tackled Valentine’s Day during a pandemic on Saturday Night Live‘s Weekend Update segment. The King Of Staten Island star used the time to riff on Britney Spears, announce some big life changes and roast his own tattoos.

“In some ways I like the pandemic Valentine’s because for the first time being alone wasn’t my fault,” Davidson said. I spent the night eating chocolates and watched a movie with my mom, which is why I’m officially moving out of the house.”

As Davidson explained, he watched Framing Britney Spears with his mom and it opened his eyes to conservatorships. And he realized, well, his mom has a pretty good case to do what Jamie Spears has done to his daughter.

“My mom has, like, way more of a case to take over my finances than, like, Britney’s dad ever did,” he said. “I was like ‘Wait, she can do that? And she hasn’t? Doesn’t she love me?’

“All Britney did was shave her head,” Davidson continued. “I got a life-sized tattoo of the Tootsie Pop owl.”

Co-host Colin Jost mentioned that Davidson is getting some of his tattoos removed, which opened him up to make a few cracks about the work he’s gotten inked on his body.

“I saw a picture of myself without a shirt and I looked like a toddler went to prison,” Davidson said, laughing. “I look like I’m carrying a shiv, but only to poke open a Capri Sun.”

You can watch the full segment above, and check out the rest of Weekend Update’s roast of Ted Cruz and his Cancun vacation here.