Poor Jerry, I Mean Garry: This Is What Jim O’Heir Found Waiting For Him At ‘Parks And Recreation’

In the ongoing quest to make Jerry Gergich the most lovably pathetic character on network TV*, our favorite folks in Pawnee, Indiana on NBC’s Parks and Recreation added a new layer of the daily abuse that he takes when they changed his name to Larry. Of course, not content to leave it on the pages of the script, the crew of Parks and Rec had a little fun at friend of UPROXX Jim O’Heir’s expense when they changed the sign on the door to his trailer, as you can see above.

In case you’re not keeping track at home, his real name is Garry Gergich but he’s allowed everyone to call him Jerry all this time, and now he’s going to be Larry, because he can’t even remember his name now. Poor JGLarry.

*The all-around most pathetic character on any TV show is and always will be Stevie Janowski from Eastbound & Down.