Walter White Declares Himself ‘The One Who Snacks’ In An Extended Super Bowl Ad

Even though we were told quite a few times that Walter White and Jesse Pinkman’s appearance on Better Call Saul’s final season would really be the last time we saw the duo, that wasn’t fully true. The pair starred in a Super Bowl commercial for PopCorners, the number one last-minute snack for when all of the Doritos have been bought and you’re running late to your friend’s house. But it turns out that even that wouldn’t be the last time we saw Bryan Cranson and Aaron Paul reprise their iconic roles, as PopCorners has released an extended cut of their new Super Bowl ad.

In the extended ad, Walter White confidently exclaims that he is the One Who Snacks while sitting on a throne of PopCorners bags which is much better than the alternative. It seems like PopCorners pair perfectly with some Dos Hombres mezcal!

The ad was written and directed by series co-creator Vince Gilligan, meaning it is technically in the universe, though it would have been better if Bob Odenkirk showed up.

Ahead of the release, Paul said in a statement that they were excited to bring the gang back together. “There’s nothing better than getting to revive characters who mean so much to us, surrounded by so many of our original cast and crew members, for the most exciting sports event of the year. ” There is still time for a rock candy company to swoop in for a partnership for next year’s big game, though time is running out! Maybe this will actually be the last time we see them. But who knows? We’ve been lied to before.

Check out the extended cut above.