‘Power: Raising Kanan’: Marvin And His Road Towards An Uncertain Future

(SPOILERS for this week’s Power Book III: Raising Kanan will be found below.)

Episode eight in season two of Power Book III: Raising Kanan, titled “A House Is Not A Home,” ends with quite the cliffhanger. After having a long-awaited sweet moment with his daughter Jukebox, Marvin connects with Renee to ask her questions about what he can do to further repair his relationship with Juke. He also uses it as an opportunity to take her on a date of sorts as a small romance is brewing between them. This warm scene is quickly interrupted when two members of the Italian group show up and fire gunshots in Marvin and Renee’s direction. The episode comes to an end with viewers unsure of who, if anyone, was shot. We’ll have to wait another week to find that out, but until then, let’s explore Marvin’s eventful journey up until this point.

How Did Marvin Get Here?

The Italians’ murder attempt comes after Marvin hired Marco, the son of the Italian leader Sal Boselli, to help him execute a hit on Toni. If you recall from season one, Toni and Marvin had an intimate relationship that ended terribly once Marvin was arrested and learned that Toni was working with the police to snitch on him. For Marvin, that discovery hurt him a lot because of how much he cared about Toni. He bought her a dog shortly after they met, there were a lot of sex scenes, and he even got into a fight with someone in her defense.

Earlier this season, we learn that Marvin was able to avoid jail time because Toni refused to come to court and testify against him. As a result, Marvin is left to only complete an anger management class to ensure that he doesn’t go to jail. Despite this, Marvin has his eyes set on getting revenge on Toni. So when he spots Toni with her husband Hugo, he figures that now is the time. Marvin meets with Marco and hires him to kill Toni, and this comes with strict instruction from Marco to not tell his father. Marco brings his family associate Dominic, who isn’t the brightest, along for the job. The duo breaks into Toni and Hugo’s home and Marco quickly shoots Tonio in the head and kills her. Hugo rushes into the room and tackles Marco, and during their tussle, Dominic aims to shoot Hugo but misses and hits Marco who later dies. Dominic himself is hit a couple of times and he scrambles out of the scene.

In “A House Is Not A Home,” we see that Dominic successfully walked and crawled to a hospital despite bleeding out. It’s here that Sal pays him a visit and learns that Marvin was the one who hired Marco for the job to have Toni killed. This leads to Sal telling Raq that he will, unfortunately, have to kill Marvin for going behind his back to hire Marco and getting him killed. Raq doesn’t give him the green light to do so, and despite that, Sal sends a pair of his men to kill Marvin. Things are about to get really wild in Queens as we make our way towards the end of Power Book III: Raising Kanan season two.

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