The Biggest Questions We Have After ‘Power: Raising Kanan’ Season 2, Episode 7

(SPOILERS for this week’s Power Book III: Raising Kanan will be found below.)

Power Book III: Raising Kanan is back in action after a one-week break. To get you up to speed with all the Raising Kanan events that occurred before episode seven, titled No Love Lost, we should start with Raq who is still pressing onward with her expansion plans despite objections from her brothers Marvin and Lou-Lou. Raq also informs Lou-Lou of Jukebox’s newly-sparked relationship with her mother Kenya. Elsewhere, Lou-Lou decides that the permanent solution to his problems with Crown is to kill him, which he does. Kanan’s new romance turns out to be quite complicated, and maybe even a bit more than he can handle and Detective Burke continues to investigate Detective Howard’s shooting despite his objections for her not to.

In No Love Lost, we find out that love is not in the air for Raq as new interactions with Symphony and Cartier make that clear. She also learns information about Scrappy that will cause him to regret past decisions. Kanan gets caught with his pants down (literally), Marvin completes his anger management class, Jukebox tries something new but it may not be for her, Lou-Lo makes a new partnership, and Unique is up to no good per usual.

Here are some of the biggest questions we had after the third episode of season two:

Will Raq’s Decisions Backfire On Her?

There were two decisions that Raq made in No Love Lost that could have a role in how the second season of Raising Kanan ends. The first was her decision to offer a deal to Cartier’s associate while out at dinner with Cartier and the second was her decision to not kill Symphony before he moves to North Carolina. At this point, it’s clear that Raq’s intentions with Cartier aren’t too romantic as she looks to take advantage of his knowledge and network for her own benefit. As for Symphony, it seems like her love for him was too strong for her to go ahead and kill in order to ensure that his knowledge about her drug operation stays to himself. Both of these decisions from Raq could play a big role in how business goes for her in the future. We can’t imagine that Cartier will be too pleased with her backdoor deal and it doesn’t seem like Symphony will do much talking, but nowadays, you never know.

Did Marvin’s Anger Management Class Really Work For Him?

It took a few episodes, and quite the fight against his stubbornness, but Marvin finally completed his anger management class. The episode shows Marvin laughing and celebrating with fellow class members, even one he almost got into a fight with. Marvin seems happy that he completed the course, but we have to ask, did it really work for him? There are still moments that he flashes anger, like finding out that Jukebox reconnected with her mother and putting a hit on the woman who snitched on him and got him into the legal mess in the first place. Marvin’s ability to control his anger will surely serve him well going forward, especially as a romance is seemingly on the horizon with his instructor Renee. If Marvin doesn’t put his lessons into practice, it could cost him in the long run.

Will Detective Burke Let It Go Or Let It Consume Her?

Detective Burke is neck deep into her investigation of Detective Howard’s shooting despite his request for her to leave it alone. So far, Burke has learned that Howard has a child which she suspects is Kanan, but she hasn’t found out much else about her partner. All of that changed in episode seven when she learns that Howard was once an undercover cop, and it’s here that she believes that Howard may have had a child with a confidential informant. If all of it checks out, that means that Raq was the C.I. in question for Howard. It also means that Howard got her pregnant during Raq’s time as an informant, which could mean some trouble for him. Burke’s love interest suggests that she back out of the investigation into Howard as it is one that internal affairs would normally handle, but it appears to be too late for that as Burke is completely consumed in the matter. A fork in the road is approaching, a Burke will have to decide whether to let this investigation go or let it consume. Either way, there’s no turning back once she picks a side.

Kanan, Was It Worth It?

This is a question that we’re left to ask ourselves on multiple occasions with Kanan. When he stole that money from the closet in the stash house, we wondered if it was worth it. Even his interactions with the white woman during his camping trip with Raq brought that question. For his latest act, Kanan finds himself in bed with Corinne’s mother, Palomar. Since meeting Corinne and Palomar at Famous’ birthday party earlier this season, Paloma has had an eye for Kanan. Kanan and Corinne quickly make things official as boyfriend and girlfriend, but that doesn’t stop Palomar’s pursuit. She eventually wins over Kanan as the two take things to the bedroom, but to the surprise of no one, Corinne catches them leaving her furious about her discovery. It seemed like Kanan had a good thing going with Corinne, which makes his decision extremely questionable. He can say goodbye to Corinne, and a relationship with Palomar is very unlikely, so Kanan, was it worth it?

Will Jukebox Be Her True Self Around Her Mother?

Jukebox has been spending time around her mother in the last few episodes. So far, things seem to be going well between them, but there’s one thing Kenya has yet to learn about Jukebox and that’s the fact that Jukebox is attracted to girls. We watched her relationship with Nicole, before her death, in season one. This is important as Kenya is an active member of the church where gay and lesbian relationships aren’t the most welcomed. As a result, Jukebox tries to conform in order to make her mother happy, and that results in her going on a date with a fellow male church member. Things seemingly go well between the two, but Jukebox is clearly uncomfortable with it all. Jukebox assumes that Kenya will object to her sexual preference, but she could be wrong. One could assume that Kenya will accept Jukebox for who she is if she truly wants a relationship with her.

Can Lou-Lou Finally Find Success?

In episode six, Lou-Lou’s tension with Crown reaches a boiling point and it pushes him to kill Crown. It comes after Lou-Lou learned that Crown met with Raq to hatch a plan to get Lou-Lou out of the record label. Now that Crown is gone, Lou-Lou is left to seek help from Cartier and they agree that Cartier will take over 25% in exchange for Lou-Lou receiving help in warding off people from Crown’s past. Nonetheless, Lou-Lou’s next task will be to make Zisa a successful act. Accomplishing this is a make-or-break thing for him because if he fails, he will have to let her go according to a deal that he and Cartier made earlier this season. Without Zisa, Lou-Lou will have no one on the label and that will make it extremely hard to cash in on his investment and prove to Raq that it was all worthwhile. Whether or not he’s able to do that remains to be seen in future episodes.

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