The Biggest Questions We Have After ‘Power: Raising Kanan’ Season 2, Episode 8

(SPOILERS for this week’s Power Book III: Raising Kanan will be found below.)

Episode seven in season two of Power Book III: Raising Kanan brought us closer and closer to many breaking points and crucial moments with the series’ characters. We learn that Raq’s interactions with Cartier are purely business rather romantical, though it appears that he isn’t aware of that yet. Detective Burke continues to work the case around Detective Howard’s shooting, and while she hasn’t solved it quite yet, she discovers a big secret from his past. Marvin completes his anger management class but does little to manage his need for revenge and Lou-Lou kills Crown Camacho for attempting to get him out of the record label business. Last but not least, Kanan cheats on his girlfriend Corinne with her mother Palomar.

In episode eight, titled “A House Is Not A Home,” each character reaches a new breaking point in their individual stories throughout. Raq and Kanan’s relationship becomes more strained than ever while decisions from Marvin and Lou-Lou catch up to them, risking the future and stability of the drug operation. Howard learns about the depths of Burke’s investigation into his shooting and Jukebox has a harsh revelation about her mother Kenya while somewhat reconnecting with her dad.

Here are some of the biggest questions we had after the third episode of season two:

Will Palomar Leave Kanan Alone For Good?

Episode seven concludes with Corinne catching Kanan and Palomar in bed, and in the following scene, we see Corinne meeting with Raq to presumably inform her about Kanan and Palomar. In “A House Is Not A Home,” we learn that Corinne did inform Raq about Kanan and Palomar. Raq issues a strict warning to Palomar to leave Kanan alone — she even goes as far as to threaten her with a gun. Palomar was quite infatuated with Kanan, but after Raq’s visit, she informs Kanan that their time together has come to an end despite Kanan’s promises that Raq’s threats are all talk. With it not being Palomar’s first foray with someone much younger than her, it remains to be seen if she will actually stay away from Kanan, especially with her living in the same building as his close friend Famous. If she chooses not to, she should know that there’s a big risk at hand.

Can Marvin Repair His Relationship With Jukebox?

As we hinted last week, Jukebox’s sexual preference would be something she’d have to open up to her mother about as they continue to build their relationship. Turns out, Kenya already knew about it, but rather than accept her daughter for it, she sought the church’s help to “correct her” and ensure that she “makes it” into heaven. Kenya goes to the extreme to ensure this and it leaves Jukebox emotionally and mentally scarred by the ordeal. It also leaves Marvin extremely furious when he learns about what happened. Marvin goes with Jukebox to confront Kenya and that moment stands as the first time that Marvin and Jukebox were on the same team this season. A conversation between them later proves that there is promise for better with their relationship going forward, especially as Marvin shows improvement in his own behavior and the understanding of his anger. Time will only tell between these two, but the sign point towards the positive.

Is It Too Late For Raq And Kanan To Talk Things Out?

Kanan is still upset with Raq for lying to him about who his father is, and while he’s yet to confront her about it, they continue to move closer and closer toward an explosive moment. Things get exponentially worse after Raq threatens Palomar, a move that frustrates Kanan more than he’s ever been with Raq. He and Raq have a near-confrontational moment with each other as Raq shows him the new house she bought. Here, Raq can tell that Kanan has something he wants to say to her, and she may even know that it’s about his father, but she won’t bring it up until Kanan does — or rather, until he has the audacity to. It’s a complicated and very damaging way to handle their issue when Raq could just come clean to her son. Additionally, Kanan could also just rip the bandaid off and ask his mom the question that’s been burning in his mind for pretty much all of season two. Either way, Kanan or Raq should act before their relationship dwindles to a point of no return.

Will Marvin Be Able To Right His Wrongs?

There are two ways to look at this question. There’s the very obvious question of whether or not Marvin was the one shot at the end of episode eight. If he survives, he’ll be able to continue working on his relationship with his daughter Jukebox as well as exploring the possible romance between him and Renee. However, it’s a bit more than this possible death. Marvin just can’t seem to stay out of his own way. He takes one step forward all to take two steps back immediately after. Marvin didn’t need to put a hit on Toni (his former love interest who snitched on him to the police), but he just had to get back at her. Marvin wants to right his wrongs, as we see during his interaction with Jukebox, but it appears that his wrongs won’t give him the right to do so.

Whose Past Will Catch Up To Them First?

The theme in “A House Is Not A Home” is essentially “don’t get too comfortable.” Each of the characters thinks they have moved forward from certain, but new events proved that things are about to blow up in their face soon. The Italians shoot at Marvin while he’s out with Renee, and it remains to be seen whether he, Renee, or neither is the victim. This shooting is in retaliation for an associate of the Italians dying during a hit job Marvin paid him for. Crown Camacho’s body resurfaces, which will surely bring trouble to Lou-Lou. Scrappy’s mother is out for the truth about her deceased son which could also mean trouble for Raq. Burke was caught digging a bit too deep into Howard’s file while investigating his shooting, and while that will strain their work relationship, it also brings her one step closer to solving the shooting which is also a problem for Kanan. Things won’t always be picture-perfect for the Raising Kanan crew, and with season two just a couple of weeks from wrapping up, it looks like things are about to get really bad for one of the aforementioned names. We’ll just have to see who it is in the next episodes of Power Book III: Raising Kanan.

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