Should We Expect The Language On AMC’s ‘Preacher’ Series To Be PG-13?

Earlier this month, AMC decided to order Seth Rogen’s adaptation of Garth Ennis’ Preacher comics to series. This is great news for the large number of fans out there for sure, but this move also has raised some eyebrows as to how close to the subject matter this TV show will truly be. In the past, the network has pushed the envelope with The Walking Dead, but what may have seemed horribly horrific on-screen was almost always ten times worse in Robert Kirkman’s books. For those of you familiar with the Preacher books, things go off the rails rather quickly and don’t really ever let up. So how exactly will this program work?

Collider caught up with the actor during his press tour for Steve Jobs and were able to get a brief update on the project. According to Rogen, the writers have been working together on the project for three weeks now and filming is set to begin in January or February of next year. It sounds like the network has been great to work with for the most part but there is just one caveat:

It’s been amazing, honestly. AMC’s been very open and not restrictive of the things we wanted to do, and we pushed it pretty hard as we generally do. There’s definitely been some conversations here and there, but ultimately they’ve let us do exactly what we wanted, which has been incredible. Literally you can’t say the F word, but other than that, we’ve pretty much been given complete free range.

Usually leaving such profanity out of a project wouldn’t spark any sort of wide ranging tantrums as this is still basic cable and the FCC still holds a lot of power there. That being said, this is Preacher for Christ sake! The subject matter Rogen and Goldberg are drawing from is filled to the brim with ‘F’ words! Wait a minute, if I my memory serves me right, AMC once allowed the word to be spoken on Breaking Bad…

It’s possible we’re just splitting hairs here as the Preacher story is much bigger than the profanity featured therein. And while there won’t be any “F” words, I’m sure there will be plenty of ones that begin with a whole multitude of dirty letters. Still, this detail gives me pause much like when NBC took John Constantine’s cigarettes away. And we all know how that went. F*ck!

(Via Collider)