Watch The First Episode Of ‘Preacher’ With Commentary By Seth Rogen And Evan Goldberg

Preacher is AMC’s newest series, chronicling the journey of a small town reverend who becomes imbued with a strange power. Along with Cassidy, an Irish vampire, and his assassin ex-girlfriend Tulip, Jesse Custer has to make sense of the possession that gave him the power while dodging a host of unsavory types.

If you’re a fan of the comic series by Garth Ennis, you’ve noticed by now that the show is following the book closely, but it also makes room for some creative input by Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and showrunner Sam Catlin. If you were wondering what these gentlemen were thinking when they devised the first episode (directed by Rogen and Goldberg), then you’re in for a treat. AMC has released the first episode of the series with commentary by Rogen and Goldberg. You can watch it by clicking here.

The producers behind the AMC series left the door open to a lot of mysteries. What is it that possessed Custer? Who are the two strange men that have been tracking the phenomenon? Just what is the extent of Jesse’s power? What are his dreams about? What’s the backstory to Jesse and Tulip?

Check out the commentary and see if any of these mysteries are solved.

(Via AMC)