All The Questions That Need To Be Answered By The ‘Prison Break’ Return

For the four seasons Prison Break was on TV, Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) and Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) lived a life of crime and conspiracy as they escaped multiple prison sentences, lived life on the lam, tried to expose government conspiracies, rescue their loved ones, take down The Company, and clear their name. Michael was the brilliant engineer, Lincoln the fearless mountain of muscle, and together, the two made a pretty formidable duo.

The show’s ending left fans heartbroken but, as with everything on TV, the end really isn’t the end and news of the show’s revival for a fifth and final season has us revisiting a few burning questions before the show returns on Tuesday April 4.

1. How Did Michael Survive?

In order to break Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies) out of prison and save her life (and the life of his unborn child), Michael sacrificed himself by staying behind and manually causing a power surge in order to unlock a prison door. Considering the show’s track record for bringing people back from the dead – anyone remember Sara’s supposed beheading in season three? – maybe it’s not the biggest surprise that Michael has somehow returned for season five, but the how is a big question heading into these new episodes.

2. What Organization Is Michael Working For?

Michael is not only alive, but he’s in a rundown prison in Yemen. It’s been seven years since his disappearance and, according to Purcell, the character has been spending that time cavorting with some dangerous people. Purcell told Deadline that Michael began working for an organization that forced him to do some terrible things. When he refused, they put him in a Yemen jail to change his mind. Whether this organization has ties to ISIS is still unclear, but that’s another group the crew will be going up against when the show returns.

3. What Happened To Michael’s Brain Tumor?

In season four, Michael began suffering troubling nose bleeds and headaches. It was revealed that he shared the same condition that (supposedly) killed his mother when the boys were young. A tumor was growing on his temporal lobe and the only way to save his life would be to remove it. The Company offered to perform the risky surgery if Lincoln delivered Scylla, portable data device containing information on alternative forms of energy but by the end of the series we learned that Michael’s tumor was never removed and it had begun growing again.

Perhaps working with a nefarious criminal group was payment for some kind of miracle medical procedure that ultimately cured him? Or maybe the tumor is still there and has altered his personality in some way as plenty of people on the show have described this new Michael as being “changed” from his previous self. Seven years seems like a long time to be sporting a growth in your brain without any side effects after all.

4. What’s Up With Michael’s New Ink?

The show gave us a fresh take on the jail break story when it chose to use Michael’s body as an escape map. Before being sent to Fox River, Michael planned his getaway by putting ink to flesh. Each tattoo symbolized a step in that plan and helped him ultimately free himself and his brother. Michael chose to remove his tattoos in season four in order to better complete his mission to take down The Company, but in promos for season five we see fresh markings on his skin. Perhaps it’s an escape plan for the Yemen prison or something even more intricate, like a detailed road map for taking down the organization that put him there. Either way, it’s good to see him returning to his old M.O.

5. Who Is T-Bag’s Mysterious Benefactor?

Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell (Robert Knepper) strangely became a beloved character on the show despite his penchant for murdering, raping, and abducting people – oh, and thwarting Lincoln and Michael at every turn. His racist views and psychopathic tendencies aside, T-Bag often felt like a man who had been dealt a bad hand – sometimes literally. He showed moments of promise and redemption but by the end of the series he’d reverted to his old ways and had been sent back to prison.

In a crossover episode with A&E’s Breakout Kings, T-Bag escaped from Fox River to exact revenge for his mother’s murder. His story ended with him returning to life behind bars a changed man. Unfortunately, none of this explains how T-Bag, who was supposed to be doing life without parole, is now not only out of prison, but helping Lincoln find Michael when season five returns. Previews for the revival show T-Bag revealing to Lincoln that someone tipped him off to Michael’s whereabouts. Whoever this mysterious benefactor is also helped T-Bag nab a get out of jail free card and bought him a new hand, so we’re sure to find out more about him (or her) before the season ends.

6. Will Sucre Finally Reunite With His Family?

Over the course of the show, Fernando Sucre (Amaury Nolasco) proved himself a loyal friend to Michael Scofield. Sucre not only helped him escape from Fox River, he also helped break him out of Sona prison and take down The Company. The two had a bromance that probably made Lincoln a bit jealous at times so it’s not surprising that Sucre would be tapped to help free Michael from yet another jail. The real question is, what has Sucre been doing since Michael’s death?

As an ex-con, his job options have been limited and word is he’s worked as a tramp freighter, traveling the world, but for a guy whose every thought centered on the love of his life – Maricruz – and their child, it’s hard to believe he would give up a chance to be with them now that he’s free.

7. What Happened To C-Note’s Gig At UPS?

Benjamin “C-Note” Franklin (Rockmond Dunbar) has a central role to play in the Prison Break revival. He’s recently converted to Islam and becomes Lincoln’s only way to get to Yemen and break Michael out of prison. He also helps the group navigate the culture and political upheaval happening in the country but before he does all of that, we need to know one thing: what happened to the UPS gig?

At the end of season four, C-Note, now exonerated of all of his crimes, took a job as a UPS delivery man, which made sense considering his talent for getting things people needed behind bars. What doesn’t add up is why C-Note would help the brothers – he was never close to Michael or Lincoln – and where his wife and daughter are now. During the show’s run, C-Note tried to get his family to flee with him which resulted in his wife’s imprisonment and a brush with death for his daughter. Now that everyone is out from behind bars and on the mend, is the family still together? Whatever happens, I’m pretty sure by the end of the season, C-Note will wish he’d stuck with delivering packages.

8. Can Paul Kellerman Be Trusted?

Agent Kellerman (Paul Adelstein) was the guy we all loved to hate in the first season of Prison Break. His obsession with the vice president and his unflinching duty to The Company made him a thorn in Michael’s side more often than not. In season two he switched sides and helped Michael, Sara, and Lincoln try to take down The Company. By the end of the series, Kellerman had escaped death and a prison sentence to become a U.S. Congressman and secure full pardons to the crew. When the show returns, he’s working with the Department of State which means he probably knows what Michael has been up to over the years and might even be part of the rescue mission. That is, if he can be trusted.

9. What Happened To L.J.?

One thing that was never resolved when the series ended was the question of what happened to L.J. (Marshall Allman), Lincoln’s troubled son. The poor kid went through hell the first few seasons, losing his dad to prison, being framed for the murder of his mother and step-father, completing a small stint in prison, assuming a fake identity and surviving a hostage event. All seemed well with L.J. at the end of season three when he was seen to be with his father and Sophia. And then, nothing. L.J. was mentioned a couple of times in season four, so we assume he is alive and okay, but it seems strange that the show would completely write out a character that proved integral to the storyline of one of its main protagonists. Here’s hoping some mention of poor, forgotten L.J. takes place during the revival.

10. Will This Really Be The End?

Season five is meant to be a self-contained season, meaning all of our questions should be answered and it will end without a cliffhanger. Still, if there’s enough interest in this revival, it’s hard to imagine Fox turning down a ratings opportunity. We’re not saying a more full Prison Break reboot might be in the future – the show’s stars and creators have made it clear they’re done after this – but perhaps a spin off might be down the line? How about, Prison Break: The Untold L.J. Story.