Please Call Your Nana And See If She’s Okay After The Last Ever Episode Of ‘Days Of Our Lives’ On NBC Got Cut Off For King Charles’ First Speech

There are few things that will cause a network to interrupt your grandmother’s daily soap opera and a member of the British Royal Family dying is one of them, for some reason.

Fans of the long-running soap Days Of Our Lives (along with any kid who stayed home sick from school) were met with a shock today when the show’s season finale was cut short due to King Charles III’s first speech after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. But it wasn’t just any finale: it was the final ever episode to air on NBC now that the soap switches to Peacock for its upcoming 58th (!!!) season.

Friday’s episode featured one of the characters visiting her dead lover’s crypt (yup!) to tell her dearly departed love interest about her new love interest. Keep in mind that this show has been on since 1965 so they are allowed to have those “out there” storylines that the Riverdale team can only dream of.

But when the character began her big emotional introspective monologue, the action cut straight to King Charles. Fans of Days Of Our Lives (there are many, you just might not know they exist) were angered by the event, but happy that it will be the last time NBC will interrupt their drama. The line was: “But, you know, even though-” and yet we may never know!

The next batch of episodes beings airing on Peacock starting Monday, September 19th. That means you have one week to show your grandma how to work that Roku of hers or else she will never know what happened to Gabi and her dead lover. Good luck!!!