Rachel Feinstein Talks Karaoke, Old Ladies, And Her New Comedy Central Special

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Whenever comedian Rachel Feinstein discusses members of her family in her routine, she can’t help but break out an impression. Anyone familiar with similar acts by the likes of Robin Williams and Billy Crystal will recognize the schtick, and that’s perfectly fine because Feinstein does a bang-up job of bringing these characters to life. Besides, according to what she told us, her subjects don’t seem to mind — especially her mother.

A veteran of Inside Amy Schumer (and Amy Schumer‘s tweets), Feinstein has starred in two previous half-hour specials, the Women Who Kill stand-up comedy movie with Schumer, Marina Franklin and Nikki Glaser, and several feature film appearances. Amy Schumer Presents Rachel Feinstein: Only Whores Wear Purple, which premieres Saturday, April 23 at 11 p.m. on Comedy Central, marks her hour-long special debut.

I saw that you’d tweeted about doing a few shows at the Comedy Works in Denver. How’d it go?

I love that club so much. It was awesome. That’s one of my favorite clubs in the country. It was my first time, but I kept hearing how great it was from others, so I went and I loved it.

Had you ever been to a show there, or was this your first time being there ever?

It was my first time. I’d done shows at the other location, but it was my first time playing there.

Comics won’t stop telling me how much they love the Comedy Works.

It’s an amazing club. The crowds are great. Schumer taped her album there. Yeah, it’s really good. It was awesome and I had the best time.

With the new special about to hit, are you on break or are you already hard at work on the next thing?

Well, right now, since I’ve already done it, I’m doing the material until it airs. Then I’ll panic and write another one. I always start to panic. So yeah, the pressure’s on. I’m doing The Late Late Show tonight, and I’ll do a little piece of the special on there that I’ve been practicing. But once it airs, I’ll have to write another one. I make it sound like that’ll just happen, but yeah.

Are you one of those comics who can’t use old material once it’s out there?

Not really. Sometimes I’ll do stuff… Even as I was writing this special, I was doing parts of my old stuff. Just to keep it fresh because if you’re running the same set for so many shows, then mixing it up will keep it new to you. You’re not going to perform it in a way that won’t be exciting. Sometimes I’ll mix up old stuff, or something I haven’t talked about in a while. I don’t mind doing that, but generally you can’t keep doing the same hour. So you weave in the old stuff while you’re writing the new one.

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