Reacher Should Be Scared After He Was Taunted By The ‘Giant’ Who Joined The Cast For Season 3

Reacher, as played by Alan Ritchson, is a big guy. But hear me out: what if there was a bigger Reacher?

Earlier this week, Anthony Michael Hall revealed to Cinema Blend that fan-favorite bad guy Paulie will be played in season 3 of Prime Video’s Reacher by Olivier Richters, the “tallest actor and bodybuilder in the world.”

Get a load of this guy, who goes by The Dutch Giant.

“He reminds me of, do you remember when we were kids? The Spy Who Loved Me, the Jaws character that Richard Kiel played? He was a literal giant, like seven foot two. That character [Paulie] does live in the show, and they have an epic battle,” Michael Hall shared. “I don’t want to give it away, but yeah, they definitely meet as they do in the book… You know, Reacher and Paulie colliding – there’s something Marvel about that, right? They’re like two superhero-sized guys, so it’s kind of cool.”

7′ 2″ Richters is already on set taunting puny 6′ 3″ Ritchson:

I instantly regret even jokingly calling goon-whomping Ritchson “puny.” Please do not pick me up with one hand and throw me out of a building.

Reacher season 3 premieres on Prime Video at some point in 2025.

(Via Cinema Blend)