The Real-Life Daughter Of A Famous Mobster Is Mad About ‘Boardwalk Empire’

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Meyer Lansky was one of the most powerful mobsters of his time. He could gamble, steal, bootleg, and bribe with the best of them, and together with Lucky Luciano, he helped form the National Crime Syndicate, which is just as evil as it sounds. (He’s also the inspiration for one of the least essential members of the Wu-Tang family, Myalansky, truly the most heinous thing he ever did.) But according to his 76-year-old daughter, Sandra, who apparently just found out about Boardwalk Empire, he was a SWELL FELLA.

It took years for Sandra Lansky to realize her doting dad was a founding father of U.S. organized crime. And now, 31 years after his death, she’s shocked to discover Meyer Lansky is a part of pop culture — a recurring character on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire…even a game show clue.

“They had a thing on Jeopardy! with young kids in their 20s,” said Sandra Lansky, a bit astounded that one contestant actually knew the right question: “Who is Meyer Lansky?”

Lansky is no fan of Boardwalk Empire, the HBO program where her dad is a recurring character.

“It’s awful,” she complained of the depiction of her dad and Uncle Charlie (Lucky) Luciano. “The episode with the drugs — they were anti-drugs. Charlie got in trouble one time with drugs, and promised he never would again.” (Via)

Other than that one-time-drug thing, total saints.


Via NY Daily News

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