How Alicia’s Apparent Fate On ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Could Hurt The Series

07.15.19 1 month ago


(Warning: Hefty Fear The Walking Dead spoilers will be found below.)

This week’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead, “Still Standing,” is marginally better than last week’s low point, but that’s only because it didn’t end with a hot-air balloon shaped like a beer bottle crash landing in a field surrounded by radioactively contaminated zombies. Instead, in this week’s episode, Charlie and Strand used the material from the hot-air balloon to build a make-shift fence to shield themselves from the radioactively contaminated zombies long enough for Morgan to arrive in a hazmat suit and slay the zombies with his mop stick.

Remember earlier this season, however, when Grace confiscated Morgan’s stick from him after he used it to kill one radioactive zombie? This week, Morgan killed scores of them with his new stick and just kept on using it, radiation be damned. The internal logic of Fear the Walking Dead has fallen apart — no one is bothering to sweat the details, and if there’s anything we’ve learned from showrunners like Vince Gilligan (Breaking Bad), it’s that the details are everything. When a showrunner sweats the details, everything else falls into place.

In this week’s episode, Fear once again fell back on a series of speeches to move the plot along. Alicia gave another speech to Annie trying to convince her to flee the area. Annie gave another speech to Alicia to explain why she wouldn’t. Victor gave a speech to Charlie about why he wasn’t on the plane that crashed at the beginning of the season, and how he and Charlie did something “extraordinary,” by which he means they used a hot-air balloon to fence off zombies (extraordinary?). Dylan and Alicia swapped speeches about how everything is a nightmare. June and Althea traded speeches. Dylan gave a speech to Annie about how to keep them safe. John and Dwight traded speeches again. And Morgan delivered a whopper of a speech to Grace.

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