Zero Stars: Comedy Central And Andy Daly Are Reportedly Bringing ‘Review’ To An End

For two season, Comedy Central’s Review has been one of the funniest, most inventive, strangest shows on television. I say that last part as a compliment. It really was something else, thanks mainly to its star and driving force, Andy Daly, who — in character as life reviewer Forrest MacNeil — has spent the past two years taking drugs, attending orgies, accidentally killing family members in zero gravity, starting cults, and eating just an ungodly amount of pancakes, among other self-destructive ventures. It was unlike anything else on television.

The more astute among you may have picked up that I referred to the show in the past tense a few times in that first paragraph, and unfortunately, there’s a reason for that: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Daly and Comedy Central have come to the mutual decision to end the show after an upcoming abbreviated third season. The facts:

  • The decision comes, in part, because Daly is “currently fielding comedy pilot offers from the broadcast networks,” and an abbreviated final season will allow him to provide closure to the show and character without losing out on other potential opportunities.
  • There’s no official word on how abbreviated we’re talking here, although THR floated the possibility of three episodes, either spread out over multiple nights or sandwiched together like a movie.

So, it’s bad news with a little good. We’ll still get some sort of closure on the series, and we may end up getting more Andy Daly elsewhere as a tradeoff. It’s mostly sad for fans of the show, though. But hey, I guess we’ll always have, uh… cocaine? Yup. We’ll always have cocaine.

UPDATE: The plot thickens!