‘Rick And Morty’ Co-Creator Dan Harmon Is Making A Mysterious New Animated Comedy At Fox

Writer, producer, and comedian Dan Harmon has struck gold in live-action and animation, giving the world both Community, which he created on his own, and Rick and Morty, which he co-created with Justin Roiland. The latter is the primary talent behind the mind-bending sci-fi comedy, doing both the titular voices, but don’t underestimate Harmon’s contributions to one of animation’s craziest programs. And that’s one reason why, even though there are no details about it, you should probably be stoked to hear Harmon’s working on a new animated comedy for Fox Entertainment.

This comes from Deadline, which reports that Harmon has been tapped to work on a show that will premiere on the network in spring of 2022. Fox, of course, is cartoon-crazy, having been home to The Simpsons for over 30 years, Family Guy for over 20 (minus a lengthy hiatus in the early aughts), and Bob’s Burgers for nearly 10. Will all three be around when Harmon’s mystery show rears its head? Oh, probably. Perhaps ditto Fox’s new shows, Bless the Hearts and Amy Poehler’s Duncanville, as well as the forthcoming Housebroken and The Great North.

Again, there is no details about what Harmon’s show will be, what genre or sub-genre it will infuse with jokes, nada, nothing. But Harmon has a great track record, so perhaps we’ll get six seasons and (maybe) a movie, à la Community, or a ludicrous number of promised episodes that will roll out slowly, à la Rick and Morty, even the wait times for the latter may start to get shorter.

(Via Deadline)