Donald Glover Brainstormed An Idea For The Possible ‘Community’ Movie

Donald Glover is a Grammy and Emmy winner now, with a number one Billboard hit, a huge Disney blockbuster, and many other projects in the pipeline. But you have to start somewhere, and his big break came with Community, on which he played sheltered and nerdish Troy Barnes up until the end of Season 5. He’s so big now that, even with everyone quarantining, it was almost a surprise that he made it to Monday’s big charitable table read reunion. Could he ever hope to fit the long-threatened Community movie into his schedule? Even if he can’t, he at least came up with a plot on the fly.

After the reconvened gang (plus scene-stealing guest Pablo Pascal) read through the Season 5 episode “Cooperative Polygraphy” over webcam, the actors started chatting, and eventually they got to wondering about what happened to Troy, who was last heard of lost at sea.

“In the Community world he is definitely dead,” Glover said, a big smile on his face. He then brainstormed a movie in which Abed (Danny Pudi) goes off to find his missing bestie. “What am I doing, writing the movie on the fly or something?” Glover joked. But he was serious when he thought it was a good and outside-the-box idea for a Community motion picture, adding, “I like movies like that.”

Pudi had his back. “I love the idea of Troy being lost and Abed’s mission is to go find him, try to track someone down — that would be fun,” Pudi said. “It writes itself… just put in some Die Hard references.”

Of course, if it turns out they’re serious about a Community search movie — and who knows? — fans will have to wait. “We can’t make movies right now anyway,” Glover reminded everyone.

But Alison Brie — the sometime Annie Edison — thought it sounded good, saying, “I’m in — I think it would be a blast.”

You can watch the full table read below, and please give to the reunion’s chosen charity.

(Via Deadline)