‘Rick And Morty’ Favorite Pickle Rick Has Finally Been Turned Into A Beverage

Rick and Morty has inspired no shortage of tie-in product, and though that hasn’t always been for good — see: the Mulan Szechuan sauce debacle, which found enraged fans torturing poor McDonald’s employees over goo you use to dip Chicken McNuggets — some of it has at least been inspired. One of the most plundered Rick and Morty bits: the episode featuring “Pickle Rick.” And why wouldn’t it be ripe for merchandising? It’s about pickles! Who doesn’t love pickles? Previously Pickle Rick has been turned into a line of Pringles potato chips. Now, for a limited time, you can drink it.

According to AdWeek, Rick and Morty is teaming with Miracle Seltzer to create a run of pickle-flavored beverages, inspired by the episode where our mad scientist anti-hero transforms himself into a pickle to get out of a family therapy session. The drink line will launch starting November 13 and 14 — the latter being no less than National Pickle Day.

Granted, not even all pickle fanatics necessarily enjoy the taste of pickle juice. “Pickle backs” at bars remain an acquired taste, and only the brave dare drink the brine out of a recently conquered jar of pickles. But maybe the taste of pickles is not as strong when mixed with seltzer? You can find out soon, maybe even sooner than we’ll have a finally tally in the 2020 presidential election.

(Via AdWeek)