Russell Crowe Has Turned Into The ‘South Park’ Parody Of Himself

In the 6th season of South Park, back in 2002, an episode aired in which the boys watch a show appropriately-named Fightin’ Around the World with Russell Crowe, in which a feisty cartoon Russell Crowe picks unnecessary fights with people around the world. Crowe later joked about the episode in a 60 Minutes interview, but did you know Trey Parker and Matt Stone made the episode “just to rip on Russell Crowe” after an uncomfortable party at Russell Crowe’s house?

According to Parker, he and Stone were invited to Crowe’s house to listen to and give their thoughts on the demo tape for his album. However when they arrived, Parker claims there were a handful of Crowe’s friends there, and the “Demo tape” was, in fact, a complete album, and Crowe simply wanted all his friends to listen to the album in its entirety. During one of the songs Parker offered a suggestion to improve one of the songs which apparently didn’t set well with Crowe, which led to this episode. […] Parker also stated that Crowe was “a really cool guy” and “a very talented actor“, the latter referencing how bad he and Stone secretly thought the album was, which Parker described as Bon Jovi meets Hepatitis B. [Wiki]

So why did we tell you all this? Well, it’s awesome, but also the day has arrived in which Russell Crowe became the character portrayed on South Park. All it took was access to Twitter and a (we assume) napping publicist.

All in accordance with the prophecy…


(H/T: Final Ellipsis)