Samantha Bee Is Very Excited About The Possibility Of A Very Mueller Christmas This Year

It’s been a thrilling couple of weeks for anyone closely following the investigation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller into the Trump campaign’s dealing with Russia. Full Frontal host Samantha Bee certainly falls among those ranks, as she quipped on Wednesday night, “Or as we super-fans like to call ourselves, the Muellitary.”

Indeed, between Michael Cohen flipping, Paul Manafort getting his plea deal revoked after he was found to be tipping off Trump’s lawyers, Roger Stone collaborating with Wikileaks, and now former national security adviser Michael Flynn reported to be getting a minimal sentence for his substantial cooperation with the investigation … it would seem that the walls are finally closing in on Trump and his cronies.

On top of everything, earlier this week Stone announced that he would plead the fifth in the investigation, which Bee said was probably wise as Stone appears to have a “tell” when he’s lying. After rolling a cringe-worthy clip of Stone getting grilled by George Stephanopoulos on ABC News over the weekend — in which he repeatedly darted his tongue out between his lips — Bee joked, “Ewwww, either that’s the face Roger Stone makes when he’s lying, or he can smell children in the building.”

“One Trump associate after another is turning out to be in deep, deep trouble,” Bee concluded. “So this holiday season as the Trumps gather around the blood trees, Trump will probably at least be a little afraid that it will be his last Christmas in the White House.”

“Mueller Christmas, everyone,” she wished at the end of the segment — which is certainly starting to look like it may very well be the case.