Samantha Bee Slams The RNC With A Venomous Rant Upon Her Return

Samantha Bee’s return to New York between the Republican National Convention in Cleveland and the Democratic convention in Philadelphia brought plenty of fire along with it. After spending a week at the convention, chatting with delegates on the floor, and then silently driving back to New York, it was clear that Bee and her crew had a lot to get out to the viewing public.

Bee started off by touching on the public side of the convention that most slogged through on TV. The doom and gloom from most of the speakers, the split between the GOP and their hopes that the Democratic party is doing the same, and plenty of Donald Trump. Almost too much Donald Trump considering how much the week already centered on him.

The crew obviously couldn’t get too close to the speakers or the talking heads that seem to run the campaign, but they did get a chance to focus on the people. That’s where the scary stuff laid out in all of the speeches, especially Trump’s closing RNC speech, comes to the top and makes more sense. These are the people he is speaking to and Bee’s crew finds out just how deep they are into the foxhole for The Donald. It’s kinda unsettling, but I’m sure there’s just as many folks to make you feel odd at the DNC right now.

(Via Full Frontal)