Samuel L. Jackson Didn’t Know He Was In A Feud With Donald Trump

Word broke earlier that there was beef with Samuel L. Jackson and Donald Trump. It all stems from a recent interview that Jackson gave to United Airlines’ Rhapsody magazine where The Hateful Eight actor talks about playing with Trump and his alleged cheating habits:

“I’ve golfed with him,” Jackson told the magazine for its latest issue.

“But it’s funny — last week or so, I actually got a bill from Trump National Golf Club,” he continued. “And I haven’t been there in four or five years, so I had my assistant call. They said it was for membership dues. And I said, ‘I’m not a member,’ and they said, ‘Yeah, you are — you have a member number.’ Apparently he’d made me a member of one of his golf clubs, and I didn’t even know it!”

Now this is nothing much until Donald Trump decides to respond to the interview on Twitter in his typical Donald Trump manner:

Now the thing about this tweet is that Jackson apparently didn’t know much about it until he shows up to chat with Seth Meyers earlier on Tuesday. Meyers brings up the message and the idea that Trump doesn’t know Jackson, letting it all snowball from there. Jackson claims that not only does he know Trump, they have golfed together, and he has people who can back it up. People like Blackish star Anthony Anderson:

And apparently Bill Clinton can too, though he likely won’t given the recent way he’s been going at it with Trump in the headlines. Jackson also took to Twitter to add to his Late Night response, sharing a now-deleted receipt he got from the Trump golf resort:

“A bill from the guy that doesn’t know me & never golfed with me! I’m gonna Block his ass too!” he exclaimed in the post. (It has since been taken down, perhaps because the bill included his apparent home address.)

Pretty funny stuff, especially when you toss in the late night TV appearance by Jackson. Will Trump respond? Is this truly the moment his campaign falls apart? Is Samuel L. Jackson about to save the world from a Trump presidency?

(Via Late Night with Seth Meyers)

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