Samuel L. Jackson Puts In Overtime To Relive His Most Famous Film Roles With James Corden

Samuel L. Jackson has been in a lot of movies over the years. He got his big break fairly late compared to some other stars, but Jackson has made up for it plenty of times since that point and usually provides a quality performance. For a refresh, this segment from The Late Late Show really captures just how much cool stuff Jackson has been involved with over the years.

Just when you think they’re about to run out of roles, it just keeps going. Corden and Jackson start with Pulp Fiction, move to Jackie Brown, and then end up in Jurassic Park at one point. Bit parts, leading roles, and even short cameos get some time here, including his memorable appearance in Coming To America where he’s beaten with a mop and his many appearances as Nick Fury in practically every Marvel movie. Even his appearances as Stacks from Goodfellas is included — sans the massive amount of blood left after Joe Pesci shoots him in the head.

Some notable favorites here include Soul Men, which showed just how great Jackson and Bernie Mac worked together on screen. Two guys screaming mother f*cker at each other for two hours has never been so much fun. Then there’s Die Hard With A Vengeance covering similar ground but with a ton of action thrown in for good measure. And you have to love that Do The Right Thing was included and Jackson hit the marks much like he did in the film. He can go home in confidence knowing he did a better job than Tom Cruise at this, which is saying something. Cruise always brings that intensity.

Come for Samuel L. Jackson and stick around for James Corden’s awkward Vin Diesel impression.

(Via The Late Late Show)