A Campaign To Find ‘The Venture Bros.’ A New Home Has Begun Online, And At Least One Creator Is On Board

The long-running and deeply funny show The Venture Bros. met its official end over Labor Day weekend as rumors of its cancelation were soon confirmed by those involved in making the nearly two-decade old show. Word that the beloved Adult Swim cartoon had been canceled by Cartoon Network after seven seasons was made official on Sunday, punctuated by co-creator Jackson Publick, a.k.a Christopher McCulloch, confirming the worst.

The outrage and grief among the show’s biggest fans was immediate, with many sharing their favorite moments from the show’s history and wondering what they could do to reverse its fate. A #SaveTheVentureBros hashtag cropped up on Twitter, sharing fun moments from the show and highlighting the fan support it still has among people on social media.

Publick himself mentioned that the show was canceled while he and co-creator Doc Hammer were hard at work writing what would have been Season 8, which led some to speculate that the show could be shopped around to various streaming services and networks and revived. No show seems to have an official end in the age of streaming, and multiple platforms seem keen to convert fan interest into dollar signs with reboots and revived offerings in the golden age of streaming.

That thought gained some considerable momentum on Tuesday when Hammer also issued a statement about the show’s demise. His statement about the cancelation was posted to Facebook on Tuesday and quickly spread on other social media sites as well.

As Hammer reflected on the show’s ending and the impact it’s had on fans, he had a message for those who are lamenting the loss of the show itself by asking them to support anything he made with McCulloch in the future.

“Jackson and I are are still in love with you and each other,” Hammer wrote. “Sooo if we make another baby, you gotta promise to love it. I promise it will love you.”

Many fans agreed they’ll watch whatever Hammer and Publick dream up together, but a good number of fans made it clear they still wanted more Venture Bros. first and foremost. And when asked on Facebook if a campaign to find the show a new home would help, Hammer made it clear he would appreciate the help. And write a Season 8 to give a new network to air.

Meanwhile, a SAVE The Venture Bros. page on Facebook popped up, and Hammer himself amplified its message as the group gained thousands of likes and started collecting contact information for various executives at networks and streaming platforms. Hammer then shared the info on Facebook, writing “Give ’em heck, gang!” on Tuesday night.

Whether Venture Bros. fans can get enough momentum to make an eighth season a reality is tough to say, but it’s clear a significant portion of them are willing to put in the work to see it happen. And it’s clear that at least one of its creators doesn’t mind the effort one bit.