‘Scandal’ Fans Were Not Ready For All The Major Twists The Finale Held In Store

Scandal, while content to surprise its fans with twists and turns throughout every episode during the season, is of course known for pulling out all the stops during the finale. Which was exactly the case during the Season 6 finale, with near-uncountable twists setting up a final season that will start with Olivia Pope replacing her father as the head of B-613 and possessing the abilities of “the most powerful woman in the world.” Before that could happen though, a whole slew of insanity had to take place.

Including, but not limited to: Mellie participating in an inauguration even though she might get shot in the head at any moment, Mama Pope threatening to shoot someone at said inauguration, Papa Pope shooting her before she could take action, B-613 being reformed with secret funds from the White House that Fitz knows about but Mellie doesn’t, the 8,000th fight about moving to Vermont…

….deep breath…

….Fitz leaving the White House and Olivia chasing him across the lawn to give him a goodbye make out in front of the entire press contingent, Mellie rightfully extolling the difficulties of picking a dress for the Inaugural Ball, Lana Vargas being revealed as the leader of the entire plan to assassinate her husband and take the White House, Olivia and Jake killing Lana so Mellie could have a “clean” presidency, and then Cyrus being behind actually controlling Lana, all so Olivia and Cyrus could sit on the Lincoln Memorial steps and drink red wine as the most powerful people in DC and the world itself.

Oh and also Quinn/Robin is pregnant (allowing actress Katie Lowes, who is pregnant in real life, to act in the final season without hiding her stomach behind throw pillows and lamps) and is basically raising it with Abby and Charlie inside the offices of OPA.

So basically, a whole lot happened and that status quo has turned upside down for the next and last season of the hit TGIT drama. Fans, as they usually do during big moments, had a lot to say about the finale’s major reveals and surprises.

Even though Mellie probably wasn’t going to get assassinated, her inauguration was still a major point of stress (and also some jokes!).

People also a lot of thoughts about Mama Pope’s (possibly annoying) behavior in that interrogation room.

Everyone knew not to mess with Olivia though, ever. No matter if you are her mother or her boyfriend.

Of course, Scandal fans (or fans of any Shonda show) know not to breathe easily when there’s plenty of time left in the episode.

Tony Goldwyn AKA President Fitz himself directed the episode himself, and not only did he give Olitz that beautifully shot moment on the lawn — especially the bird’s eye view of Olivia once the chopper took off — but he is also apparently terrible at remembering the actors in each scene he shot.

But most fans focused in on the final scene, and how ruthless Olivia had to be to get what she wanted after all. Her father is retired, her mother gave her the final motivation to do it in the first place, she and Fitz have no promises to keep to each other anymore, and she knows everyone’s secret. Plus she just had two of the best possible lines in the history of Scandal. First there was the classic:

“How does it feel, to be the most powerful woman in the world?”
“Right. It feels right.”

Then, the ruthless but hilarious one:

“Raise your hand if you’ve ever killed a Vice President.”

It wouldn’t be a finale without a hilariously, yet vicious, Olivia Pope quote wasn’t included. Fans loved it all.

We, for one, can’t wait to see what the final season could possibly hold after all that. Power is a dangerous thing.