Seann William Scott Replaces Clayne Crawford As The New Riggs In ‘Lethal Weapon’


A new Martin Riggs has been found to replace Clayne Crawford on Fox’s Lethal Weapon — Seann William Scott. The 42-year-old actor has had his mix of violence and comedy in Goon and the dozens of movies he’s acted in since he became a star as Stifler in American Pie, now he’s going to prove, for at least one season, that his partner Murtaugh is too old for this.

The drama behind the scenes of the Lethal Weapon show has been well-documented over the last few months, now Damon Wayans will stay in his role as Roger Murtaugh, with the show being renewed for a third season.

Michael Thorn, president of entertainment of Fox Broadcasting told Variety the following:

“Seann is a fantastic addition to this already amazing cast. Lethal Weapon is packed with action, drama and pure fun and we can’t wait to see Damon and Seann together on screen. Matt Miller, his incredible team and everyone at Warner Bros. have been tremendous partners, and we’re thrilled to bring this show back for another season.”

According to reports, Wayans wasn’t on speaking terms with Crawford, who eventually apologized for his “toxic behavior” on-set saying that he was “passionate” about doing good work. With Scott replacing Crawford, the show won’t have to figure out whether Lethal Weapon could continue without a Riggs, and will give it a go with Scott being a maniac with a badge.

On Crawford’s end — he seems content, wishing his crew congratulations on the third season:

(Via Variety)

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