‘Second Banana’ Charlie Day Interrupts Ice Cube’s ‘Conan’ Appearance

Charlie Day and Ice Cube are teachers at odds in their new film Fist Fight that opens in theaters in February 2017, and it appears they are at odds in real life, too. Well, sort of; it’s all a ruse, but that doesn’t make it any less entertaining.

During Ice Cube’s appearance on Conan the subject of who is the real headliner of the upcoming film came up and Cube, as one would expect, claimed the top honor. Just as Cube did this the camera pans to the top row of the audience where Charlie Day (coincidentally!) is seated. He is none too pleased, and eventually, runs down to the stage to confront Ice Cube. Because that’s what one of sanity does when angry at Ice Cube, they sprint down to confront him, face to face.

The argument (totally real) gets so heated that Day takes out a safety pin from his pocket and transforms it into a prison shank which he proclaims he will “use to poke you (Ice Cube) full of holes!” Luckily, security intervened and Day was exited from the stage without further incident. Close one!

Fist Fight features Day and Cube getting in an argument on the last day of school, which Cube wants to settle with a fight in the parking lot after school. Throughout the day the entire school comes to find out about the impending throwdown, and Day is forced to take a crash course in fight preparation taught by other teachers, like Tracy Morgan.

This does not bode well for him. RIP, Charlie Day.