Ice Cube Teases A Return For ‘Friday’ While Premiering The First Trailer For ‘Fist Fight’ On ‘Conan’

Ice Cube returned to pal around with Conan on Wednesday, bringing a slice of nostalgia for fans to chew on and a brand new trailer for Fist Fight. The movie trailer comes first, putting Charlie Day against a very imposing Cube as two teachers on the last day of school who get roped into fighting each other. Ice Cube gets to beat up people, act mean, and carry around an axe while Charlie Day basically plays a wimpier version of his character from Horrible Bosses. There’s no Charlie work or rat bat to help him out here, though I think the latter might actually help him take on Cube.

Tracy Morgan’s involvement is also a welcome sight, even if the film hitting theaters in February doesn’t bode well. Still, I’d see a comedy with Morgan as the wise mentor training Charlie Day for a fight with Ice Cube. As Cube says later in the interview, Day looks sneaky and he likely bites really good, so the fight would be entertaining.

Later in the interview, Conan brings up the idea of another Friday movie and Cube runs with it. The last time he teased a new entry in the series was back in 2011 and there hasn’t been too much since. The reason might be red tape behind the scenes with New Line Cinema and the Time Warner company. Cube seems to think they don’t like fun despite the fact that the fans clearly love the movies and they always popping on television from week to week.

I’d like to see Chris Tucker return if possible. Mike Epps was fine sidekick in those sequels, but it’s hard to top Smokey.

(Via Team Coco)