Jason Momoa And Dave Bautista Ratchet Up Their Brotherly Drama In Apple TV+’s New ‘See’ Trailer

Apple TV+’s See turned out to be wild and wooly that it worked as one of the tech giant’s first offerings. Jason Momoa donned more fur coats as Baba Voss, the fierce warrior leader of a post-apocalyptic world, in which everyone is blind. That’s kind-of a waste, if you really think about it, given that the other characters can’t see Momoa, and now, I’m just being silly. Yet his muscles and sword-fighting (through “echolocation”) and beard game will receive some true competition from Baba’s brother, Edo, portrayed by Dave Bautista. The first trailer showed the pair’s tense reunion, and in this followup trailer, it sure looks like Edo has the upper hand.

Let’s just say that the Voss family reunion isn’t a happy one. Nesta Cooper’s Haniwa (the adopted twin daughter of Baba) will have some run-ins with Edo, too, and Baba looks to be taken prisoner at some point. The masturbating Queen Kane (Sylvia Hoeks) is back, and yes, you read that correctly, all while there’s war, war, and more war. Let’s do the synopsis:

Baba Voss (Momoa) is struggling to reunite his family while protecting them as the threat of war looms between the Kingdom of Paya and the Trivantian Republic. Despite his best efforts, his wife and sighted children are pulled to the forefront of the conflict, where they come to the attention of his estranged brother, Edo Voss (Bautista), a powerful and cunning Trivantian General, whose long-simmering hatred for his brother imperils them all even further.

Man, everyone is so intense on this show. No one ever gets to rest and relax, everyone’s always on the run, and the twins are likely still in danger, given that they both possess miraculous sight. So, it’s a slightly stressful watch, but Momoa digs this archetypical character, who has at least a little bit in common with Game of Thrones‘ Khal Drogo, Frontier‘s Declan Harp, and the Conan the Barbarian title character. And the addition of Bautista always makes things better.

See will return on August 27 with new episodes arriving weekly.