Jason Alexander Endorsed This ‘Brilliant’ ‘Seinfeld’ Reunion In The Style Of ‘Twin Peaks’

Jerry Seinfeld has said there will never be a Seinfeld reunion, and unlike the Friends reunion that was also supposed to never happen (a special is close enough), I believe him. “I don’t like seeing old people on TV,” Seinfeld explained to Howard Stern last year. “I don’t want to inflict myself on people in a deteriorated state… I am a perfectionist that way. That’s why obviously I didn’t do another TV series. I’m not gonna try and beat that.”

But if Seinfeld does ever come back, it should look exactly like Seinfeld: The Reunion.

For years, video editor Dom Nero has been imagining if the cast of Seinfeld got back together for a Twin Peaks: The Return-style limited series. He’s finally put it all together in one YouTube video. “What if they did a revival of Seinfeld? Like not just a reunion, but a whole prestige TV revival, like Showtime did with Twin Peaks? It’ll never happen, but I really needed a quarantine project, so I tried to imagine one myself,” he tweeted. Basically, it would look weird as hell, with long static shots, the Soup Nazi waiting on a coughing panda, and Kramer’s The Merv Griffin Show set being depicted as the Black Lodge, complete with backwards talking. Also, Jerry is dead. R.I.P. Jerry.

Seinfeld: The Return received an endorsement from Can’t-Stand-Ya himself, Jason Alexander, who tweeted, “Well, I have to say David Lynch has nothing on this guy. This is kinda brilliant. Twisted, but brilliant.” If only this had been Lynch’s big announcement.