Jason Alexander Reveals The ‘Seinfeld’ Spinoffs He Wanted NBC To Make

Jason Alexander — he of Duckman, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and also this nothing show called Seinfeld-fame — was a guest on the Nerdist Podcast earlier this month. Naturally, it took all of 20 minutes before Seinfeld came up (which is longer than most interviews with Jason Alexander, to be fair).

The whole interview is worth listening to (but only if you’re caught up with The Walking Dead; this is Chris Hardwick’s podcast, after all), but one of the more interesting topics of conversation concerned Alexander’s revelation of two Seinfeld spinoffs that he believes NBC “should have done.”

“The number one that I thought, through the roof, would’ve been the four parents down at the condo in Florida. That would’ve been unbelievable… I don’t think they ever looked at it.”

That’s the first idea, which, yes.

The second?

“The other one that I thought really would have been timely was the Johnnie Cochran character [Jackie Chiles]. If they had made a legal comedy, with [actor Phil Morris] as the centerpiece, that would be absolute gold.”

There was never any serious consideration for either of these spinoffs (especially from Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld), or ones focused around Kramer or George. “There’s no George without Jerry and Elaine,” Alexander said. “He only exists in juxtaposition to these other three guys.” And without them, we get Bob Patterson and The Michael Richards Show.

Besides, no Seinfeld spinoff could be better than Curb Your Enthusiasm.

(Via Nerdist)

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