Seth Meyers Is Truly Taken Aback By The Stupidity Of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s ‘Chinese Spy Balloon’ Rant

Given the vast amount of lunatic theories Marjorie Taylor Greene has put out into the world — yes, Jewish space lasers included — it’s sometimes hard to believe that she has been in congress for just over two years now. But she’ll no doubt be remembered for decades, if not centuries, to come. On Monday night, Seth Meyers offered further proof why that will likely be the case during his “A Closer Look” segment.

The topic? The various unidentified flying objects that Joe Biden keeps shooting out of the skies — and what the hell they are in the first place. Because no one seems to know, or at least doesn’t want to say. While Meyers seemed slightly concerned that the head of NORAD, “the military organization that protects American and Canadian skies, specifically would not rule out aliens when directly asked” about the UFOs that keep popping up, he’s even more worried about Greene’s angry take on the matter. (Yes, the same Greene who tried to carry a white balloon into Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, because she is a toddler.)

“The lack of concrete information has left a vacuum for conspiracy nuts to run wild,” Meyers said. “For example, over the weekend, Earth’s Marjorie Taylor Greene listed off a bunch of insane hypotheticals for what could have been inside the Chinese spy balloon. And recounted yelling at military officials during a congressional briefing about it.”

Among Greene’s suggestions about what might have been in that balloon? “A bioweapon, like COVID.” (Wait, she believes COVID is real now?) Other possibilities? “It could have contained a nuclear bomb, an EMP attack, or hypersonic missiles.” Which is all well and good. But Marge’s real problem seemed to be that Biden didn’t want to shoot the balloon down before “gathering intelligence” and/or assessing the potential risk to human lives, which Greene just doesn’t get.

“Yeah! The balloon could have contained a nuclear bomb,” Meyers agreed, mockingly. “Which is why you should have shot a missile at it. Everyone knows that’s how you safely disarm a nuclear weapon directly above a densely populated area.”

You can watch Meyers’ full assessment of our UFO situation above, or go straight to the Greene bits right around the 12:50 mark.