Seth Meyers Mocks Trump As The ‘Law and Order SVU’ Candidate Over His Modeling Agency

Seth Meyers questions why Donald Trump ever needed to have a modeling agency, but on Wednesday, the Late Night host took a look at the Republican nominee’s immigration practices concerning the foreign models he employs and found a few holes.

A number of foreign-born models have come forward to discuss the working conditions of Trump’s modeling agency, and they claimed the agency encouraged the models to lie in order to circumvent the Visa process. Meyers looked at this revelation through his “Couple Things” segment and found it was just another hypocritical Trump action — by giving speeches about illegal immigration while skirting the rules in his reality. And like Trump himself, Meyers was nice enough to numerically list out all his points:

“First thing, if you’ve been thinking to yourself, ‘The only way Hillary Clinton can win this election is if it turns out Donald Trump has been keeping underage girls in a basement,’ good news. Are you the law-and-order candidate or the ‘Law and Order SVU’ candidate?”

One of the biggest questions Meyers brought up was why Trump had a modeling agency to begin with. As a person who has built his reputation on being a construction impresario, why would you need models? But remember, this guy also touts his bottled water and steak success.

Meyers also joked that Melania Trump could be nervous about the situation, since having a whole modeling agency at his disposal may not sit well with her. But the harshest criticism the Late Night host provided was about Trump’s immigration stance and how the modeling agency contradicts his statements:

“Your candidacy is built around the single issue of keeping illegal immigrants out of the country. You keep talking about an extreme vetting process. Is it, ‘put on this crocheted bikini and stand under a bright light?’ Oh, she’s not a terrorist, she’s a 10!”

Trump provided the masses with his new immigration policy on Wednesday, which didn’t seem all that different from what he’s been saying for about a year. This division between Trump’s stances and his actual business practices seems to be a recurring theme for the his campaign, but will he adjust his behavior in response? Only time will tell.

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