Today’s Top Story: A Jet Ski Riding ‘Shark Tank’ Judge Saved A Former Hockey Player Who Was Stranded On A Lake

Has this ever happened to you?: You and your family are trapped on a boat that’s lost power, only to be rescued from one of the judges from Shark Tank. That’s what happened to former hockey player Tom Lawson — who played for such minor league teams as the Cincinnati Mighty Ducks and the Hershey Bears — as well as his wife and their three kids, who may owe their lives to no less a TV personality than Robert Herjavec.

The Shark Tank star shared the story on Instagram. He was on Lake Joseph in Ontario. “I was out jet skiing and I saw a boat drifting with a dad and his three kids, waving their arms frantically,” he told People. “My first thought was they must love Shark Tank, but then I realized they were out of gas and stranded.”

What’s more, there was, Herjavec said, a “sense of urgency”: The sun was going down. “They were in an unlit aluminum boat not meant to be out at night,” he explained. “We found a rope, tied it to the jet ski and I towed them back to their lake house.”

And so the star of a show about fish that aren’t as dangerous as Jaws and The Shallows and Jaws: The Revenge make them out to be, as a New York Times piece argued, is a legitimate hero. “Did my good deed for the day!” he told People. “It’s funny, the dad is a fireman and said to me he normally rescues people — so now I get to say I rescued a fireman. They were super nice, appreciative and big Shark Tank fans. See, sharks can be nice too!”

(Via People)