The ‘Sharknado’ Franchise Is Saying Farewell And Will End Things With A Time Travel-Themed Finale


Sharknado‘s days in Taradise are numbered. The mindbogglingly resilient TV movie franchise about a man-eating meterological phenomenon and the celebrity cameos it spawns is going to be packing things in. Prep your Ian Ziering vehicles accordingly.

As teased by the franchise’s usual suspects, a sixth Sharknado offering is on the way and TV Line reports that this will be the final go-around for the franchise. According to TV Line, the sixth film from knockoff titans The Asylum is the last chapter for the tongue-in-cheek SyFy si-fi series. Gradually eroding ratings and a reduced level of pop culture relevance is likely what nudged the franchise to the finale, although an official reason hasn’t been provided just yet.

So what can we expect from the Sharknado 6: City Under Siege or whatever it will be christened? Time travel. Details on the sixth film tumbled out last month and promise a trip through the ages. Everything from Nazis to Noah’s Ark is being tossed into the mix and presumably SyFy is refererring to past Nazis in their synopsis as opposed to today’s garbage pile of Nazis. (As long as some form of Nazis are getting their asses kicked and eaten by sharks, we’re happy.)

“All is lost, or is it? Fin unlocks the time-traveling power of the Sharkanos in order to save the world and resurrect his family. In his quest, Fin fights Nazis, dinosaurs, knights, and even takes a ride on Noah’s Ark. This time, it’s not how to stop the sharknados, it’s when.”

Sharknado 6 will air on July 25 and provide an opportunity for closure. Or at least a healthy bit of stunt casting alongside franchise titans Ziering and Reid.

(Via TV Line)