50 Shows I Would Watch Based On Nothing But The Title: Part III


Previously: Part I and Part II

Cheese Men

Cheese Men in Paradise

Cheese Men: The Interpol Files

Murder In The Cote d’Azur

The Cote d’Azur Murders

A Bunch of People Just Chucking Pineapples Around

Pineapple Chuckers

Pineapple Chuckers: Bad Intentions

Chuck Pineapple, Hollywood Fixer

Bosch In Space

Billions In Space

Fargo: Miami Beach

Chic Chesbro, Undercover Rock Star Cop

Whoops Wait, That Last One Was Actually A Real Show Called Sunset Beat And It Starred George Clooney, I Swear

Donnybrooks and Kerfuffles

World’s Wildest Donnybrooks and Kerfuffles

Donnybrook & Kerfuffle, Partners at Law

What’s Randy Up To?

Who Gave Todd The Launch Codes?

Chad Did It Again

Heather Is Pretty Steamed

Heather Is Pretty Steamed: Aspen Nights

The Evil Masseuse

Trevor Caligula, Evil Masseuse

Trevor Caligula, Evil Masseuse: Murder In The Cote d’Azur

Someone Explaining Game Of Thrones To Mike Ehrmantraut From Better Call Saul In Painstaking Detail Over 10 Hour-Long Episodes


Chef Midnight

John Wick: The Sommelier Chronicles

Mischievous Chimps With GoPros Strapped To Their Heads

Rascal Cruise

Rascal Cruise: Shenanigans on the High Seas

District Attorney Rascal Cruise

Dog Submarine

Submarine Dog

Home Run Derby: Celebrity Face-Off

Whoops, I Lost The Helicopter

Uh Oh, Judge Judy Has A Shotgun

One Last Score

One Last Score: Another Score

Wu-Tang Supreme Court

Zoo Jailbreak

Charlie Rose But The Host Is Noel Gallagher Now

Noel Gallagher Live

Game of Thrones: Bronn Found A Time Machine

Donkey Wranglers

Renegade Donkey Wranglers

Donkey Wrangler, Renaissance Man

Hoagie Fiasco

Hoagie Fiasco On The Cote D’Azur