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Awww, he’s so cute when he’s sleeping! I also admire the T. Rex’s taste in interior decorating. The room’s palette is so soothing! [RoboShark]

I’m sorry, I can’t even look at him. So, I guess Oprah really let Jay Leno have it. I can’t really bring myself to watch the clips, though. I don’t want to hear his voice; I don’t even want to see him squirm. I’m just tired of him existing. [WWTDD]

It’s okay, the world’s ending in 2012 anyway. Zac Efron and Miley Cyrus are the future of Hollywood. [Pajiba]

High standards for someone with a ‘porn star in training’ hat. “Jersey Shore’s” Snooki turned down an appearance on Jerry Springer’s show, allegedly deeming it “not classy” enough. In a related story, while I was driving through Connecticut last night (thanks for not salting or plowing I-84, cocks), I heard on the radio that JWOWW will be at a car show on February 5th. [Fark]

Oh hey! The Miss America Pageant still exists! It’s on this weekend. Need to know who to root for? Which is to say: which ones look slutty? Here’s a primer. [Gunaxin]

It’s cool, I’d rather the money go to hiring trashy women. Five awesomely low-budget strip club commercials. [NextRound]

Midgets and pit bulls? Midgets and pit bulls. [It’s the Pits]

The Most Memorable Super Bowl Ads. I didn’t realize Bird and Jordan playing HORSE originally debuted during the Super Bowl. Shame on me for not realizing that. THAT’S VALUABLE TRIVA! I think I can remember it if I just get rid of my ability to solve algebra problems. Who needs that anyway? [Inside TV]

I’d see it if Prince performed ‘Batdance’ live. Whoa, there was a Batman musical? [Comics Alliance]

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