Colin Jost Gets The Worst End Of This Latest Chapter In ‘SNL’ Romantic Tale Of Kyle Mooney And Leslie Jones

The last time we caught up with Leslie Jones and her romance with Kyle Mooney, Colin Jost ended up getting shot while Lorne Michael looked on. It was a splendid moment, but the latest chapter in their ongoing drama might top it thanks to Jost’s own meddling and Beck Bennet’s desires to reconnect with his best friend, Mooney. We get a quick glimpse of their Good Neighbor days, which is great and also reminds us about Theatre Of Life a bit. But soon the sad realization takes over that these longtime friends aren’t as close as they have been in the past.

Mooney is tight with his lady love and spending time raising their very adult son, all while Bennett is trying to reach out to his pal. Enter Colin Jost and his nefarious plot to get back with Leslie Jones and to push Bennett and Mooney back together. It all comes together on the night of the big SNL masquerade ball, Lorne Michaels’ favorite time of year. It’s there where Jost pretends to be Mooney and Bennett pretends to be Jones, a sweet moment that quickly devolves into bedlam once the masks are removed.

It all gets solved fairly quickly, with everybody quickly piling on Jost and pummeling him. Even Tiffany Haddish and Michaels get involved, probably taking a bit too much joy out of turning his face into silly putty.

By the end, everybody is happy and Jost has decided not to press charges after some convincing from Jones. It brings to a close the third and possibly final installment of this love story. That is unless they want to funk up Dave Chappelle’s dressing room again.

(Via SNL)