Boston Teens Sully And Zazu Return To ‘SNL’ And Try To Make Sense Of Harvard

04.16.17 2 years ago

Jimmy Fallon’s latest SNL hosting gig was somewhat light on recurring characters and that’s perfectly alright. (Apologies to all the Nick Burns die-hards out there.) Aside from Fallon trotting out multiple Travoltas, NBC’s weekend yuk-em-up also got some love for NOOOOOMMMMAAARRR! *spills carton of screwdriver*

Saturday Night Live‘s “Boston Teens” reemerged as immature and soused up ever on last night’s episode. Fallon’s Sully and surprise guest Rachel Dratch’s Zazu popped by a tour of Harvard to see what the fuss is about and if the institution is right for their daughter Denise (Kate McKinnon). According to Sully, their daughter has very difficult decision to make about her schooling.

“She’s undecided,” declares Sully. “It’s between Harvard and my alma mater, McNealy Heating and Cooling Dot Com.”

Don’t doubt Sully’s credentials, though. He was a Harvard Man for a select chunklet of time.

“I showed up for a medical experiment. I slept for three days and they paid me $15,” he explained.

Really, this sketch felt more like an opportunity to hang out with some old friends we haven’t seen in a while. Plus, Zazu and Sully have given up on dropping their go-to r-word and we’re all the better for it. More Rachel Dratch in non-imaginary things, please.

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