The ‘SNL’ Version Of ‘Fox And Friends’ Checks In On Trump During His Very Important ‘Executive Time’

02.03.18 1 year ago

Much ado has been made about Donald Trump’s reported “executive time” which translated to his allegedly lying in bed, eating fast food, and watching Fox News. So probably speaking directly to the core of his base. Now Saturday Night Live is pulling back the bed curtains and showing us exactly what it’s probably like in the off-hours of the Trump administration.

In a Bobby Moynihan-less Fox and Friends, the hosts welcome the Nation of Islam’s Louis Farakkhan for some reason, then the Devin Nunes memo is brought up, with White House Communications Director Hope Hicks explaining that she’s gone from being a model to the White House communications director. But it’s not really a political job, it just feels “like when a group of strangers work together to push a beached whale into the sea.”

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