‘SNL’ Uncovers The Lost ‘Jurassic Park’ Auditions And They’re Hilarious

Jurassic Park is a beloved sci-fi film with characters that have made their mark on the franchise. (We’re talking specifically about Jeff Goldblum here.)

But apparently, the dino adventure could’ve looked wildly different. To celebrate the 25th-anniversary re-release of the film, Saturday Night Live dug up some old casting couch footage in which quite a few ’90s icons auditioned for well-known roles in the film. Some soft lighting, warped taping, and palm trees in the background set the stage for a slew of well-known ’90s comedians (Ellen DeGeneres), heartthrobs (Joey Lawrence) and sitcom queens (Roseanne) to test for roles in the future blockbuster. If you were wondering whether Hugh Grant’s polite, clipped British accent would convey the same sense of urgency as Sam Neill’s raspy warnings about raptors closing in now you know. It just doesn’t work.

The SNL cast has always been good at impressions and they’re part of Hader’s comedic arsenal so any time an entire sketch can be devoted to them is sure to bring the laughs. Hader shined in this one with a foul-mouthed Al Pacino bit and a squinty-eyed Clint Eastwood imitation but Kate McKinnon aced her screen test as Jodie Foster playing that weird, upbeat cartoon character, Mr. DNA. She also does a hell of a Lisa Kudrow impression.

(Via SNL)