Pray For Kevin Hart’s Bowels In This Gleefully Gross ‘SNL’ Office Sketch

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Let’s get right to it, shall we? This Saturday Night Live sketch is about poo. Namely, Kevin Hart‘s poor office worker Doug who is remarkably self-conscious about his need to use the bathroom and the supportive co-workers that want to help this guy out. Come for the toilet-related drama, stay for the workplace teamwork!

We’re treated to Hart taking an “emergency” phone call mid-meeting (interrupting exciting biotech sector investment talk) and his officemates immediately sort out what’s going on. Not only do they know the real reason behind these eight-minute long family emergencies that pop up after every lunch, they’re super understanding and want to help the guy out. That’s where things start to escalate in a delightfully looney way.

“What’s that?” screams Hart as he gets back on the phone after trying to valiantly hold back in his business and not splatter his slacks. “Oh my God! You’re telling me it’s more urgent now? Yeah, but I can’t just leave work. I don’t care how many stairs you found her on!”

The whole thing is a strangely charming blend of disgusting and delightful wrapped up in a tidy lil’ SNL package. Speaking of which, Saturday Night Live is now on holiday break until 2018, so you’ll have to get acquainted with the show’s past seasons if you need your SNL fix for the upcoming hiatus stretch. Or you can learn a new language or something. It’s your call, SNL viewer!

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