O.J. Simpson Finds Someone To Date, But Can’t Escape His Past In This Timely ‘SNL’ Sketch

If you can’t believe that O.J. Simpson would call out fake news and try to go on with his life without letting somebody know his past, this SNL sketch is here to convince you otherwise. Not only has he managed to find someone to date him, played by Gal Gadot, but he has also managed to get reservations at a fancy restaurant without any hassles. The problem comes when everybody else realizes who he is and can’t help taking note that the Juice is definitely on the loose in their vicinity.

While this could easily be a sketch about Kenan Thompson’s Bill Cosby from SNL40, it’s about O.J. and it actually fits in with what he has done after his release from prison. He’s not dating as far as we know, but he is already reportedly staging his own paparazzi shoots and faking his own tributes to the victims of Las Vegas.

I don’t know if a bunch of people would be around filming O.J. in a restaurant with their cellphones. That’s likely the hardest thing to believe in the sketch, right next to Juice enjoying a dinner out in public. This will all be moot once he’s somehow a star in his own reality television show on Bravo or something.

(Via SNL)