Kate McKinnon Made A Giggling Ryan Gosling Completely Lose It Again On ‘SNL’

10.01.17 2 years ago 2 Comments

The 10 most-watched videos on SNL‘s YouTube page are what you’d expect: four about politics, including three debates between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton; one “Porn Teacher”; one about Star Wars; one about Lindsay Lohan’s breasts; and one “Black Jeopardy” with Tom Hanks. The only real surprise is “Close Encounter,” until you actually watch it, which aired in December 2015, and you’ll understand why it has more than 20 million views.

Ryan Gosling’s giggling is Canada’s greatest export.

Naturally, for the season 43 premiere, SNL tested Baby Goose, and once again, he couldn’t keep it together. Gosling did an admirable job of not breaking early, but when Kate McKinnon made the Oscar nominee stand up so she could display what the aliens did to her “bush and my tush,” her “taco and her choco,” her “pink pocket and stink rocket,” well, it’s a good thing he wasn’t facing the camera. Even if we couldn’t see his dope hat.

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