‘SNL’ Scorecard: Peter Dinklage Knows How To Wear His Space Pants

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04.03.16 15 Comments

Sketch of the Night

“Mafia Meeting” (Dinklage, Moynihan, Davidson, Pharoah, Rudnitsky, Stefani) Streeter Seidell and Mikey Day have now written “Kevin Roberts” and “Space Pants” in the same season. (This sketch is officially called “Mafia Meeting,” but it will forever be known as “Space Pants.”) I love the misdirect here, that this sketch is really going to be about some sort of mafia meeting. Then here comes Dinklage, who was somehow born to play the guy wearing Space Pants and singing about Space Pants. If this song is released on iTunes, I would buy it. I want to throw one of those trendy rooftop parties and project Peter Dinklage singing “Space Pants” onto a brick wall. (And all this despite a huge mess up early in the sketch that obviously threw people off … and then it still didn’t matter because this is so glorious.)

Score: 9.5

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