‘SNL’ Spoofs Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ By Adding An Evil Twist To Credit Card Commercials

Jordan Peele’s Us broke multiple box office records, including the biggest opening weekend for an original horror movie, the biggest opening for a non-Ted (!) R-rated film, and the biggest opening weekend for a movie with a black female lead. But like how Kurt Cobain knew Nirvana “made it” when Weird Al Yankovic parodied “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” Peele has made it now that SNL has spoofed his follow-up to the Oscar-winning Get Out.

If you’ve watched literally any show or even just turned your television on over the past couple of months, you’ve seen those Discover commercials where people talk to their doppelgängers. (“With Discover card, you get to talk to a real-life person that looks just like you.”) This made for an easy target for SNL, which cast Ego Nwodim in the Lupita Nyong’o role. Or should I say “roles”: when Nwodim’s character calls Discover to report suspicious activity on her account — someone purchased “a bunch of red jumpsuits, motorcycle gloves, hundreds of rabbits, and some giant scissors” — she talks to her hoarse-voiced Tethered, who sits in a cave when her aboveground double goes on vacation. If you haven’t already seen Us, why? Also, the sketch is mostly spoiler free. And if you have a Discover credit card, maybe use online customer support?

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